Who We Are

We’re different. 

We come from an Information Technology background. We have spent years working with the internet in support roles managing servers, maintaining workstations, creating networks and this has taught us greatly on how to most effectively utilize the infrastructure the internet. There is a lot to know about it-- what are the its best practices, what makes it safe, and most importantly what to avoid and try not to do.

This puts us in a very unique position to work with the Connected Home and the Internet of Things (IoT) and we consider ourselves very lucky to be here at this place and time.

Home Automation and integration, of course, is nothing new. The concepts have been around for a long time. The industry has a rich history. It has been over a decade since the term “Smart Home” was coined and not surprisingly, the marriage between the internet and home automation has been a bumpy road. For many of the smartest and brightest minds among us, it was far easier to develop a smart phone then to tackle the trials and travails of a truly connected home. And we all know what a success that pursuit turned out to be. Where would we be without our smart phones? It is hard to imagine what life was like without them. We have one foot in the world we have always know, and one foot in the world of the Jetsons. These are interesting times indeed and yet they happened so fast.

It comes as no surprise that brightest minds among us have quietly turned toward tinkering with the flexibility smart phones provide, coupled with the internet and the cloud, to bring connected capabilities to literally anything that plugs into an electrical outlet— and for many like Nest and Sonos to much critical success and fanfair. In short, it really wasn’t until the success of the smart phone platform were the smart home to become a truly viable reality. We are just beginning to see this innovation come to the market. And not only is this innovation coming to market, but it's happening in a more democratic sense. What was once affordable for a certain economic class, now seems affordable for everyone.

Traditional Home Automation installers, undoubtedly, know a lot about their craft and command respect. Afterall, they have been working with Home Automation for a long time. Yet in the face of the Tsunami the Connected Home promises, as well as all that it will touch, we find Traditional Home Automation Installers reaching out to us more and more, scratching their heads, asking us what to do?

To us it makes more sense to let those most familiar with the complexities of the internet deal with the Internet of Things then those who aren’t so knowelgeable. We’re sure you feel the same way.

Our Vision

Naturally, we’d like to automate every aspect of your daily life with the connected home. Unlock your door when you pull up in the driveway; Have your favorite music playing when you walk in the door; let you know who's ringing your doorbell and let them in if you so choose. When you think about it-- it’s kind of cool. And sexy. Certainly impressive. And never more affordable. 

Perhaps it's overkill and we get it. But hey... that’s what we do. We'd be more than happy to let you take it that far.

There are real practical implications to the Internet of Things that are useful. Ever go through that scenario while you are on the way to the airport for a long trip and wonder if you locked your door or left your lights on? Well, with the connected home and a smart phone, those question are answered and the problem solved.

We like to think of the connected home and the internet of things as true problem solvers whose byproduct is peace of mind. Yes, the internet as we know it is neat. You can send information instantly around the globe, or blast an image to the farthest reaches of the world, but to us, the connected home is way more practical and useful.

Our vision is simple.

We want to create a flexible, comfortable, user-friendly smart environment, yet still allows non-technical people to easily interact with the most the connected home and smart environments have to offer. We feel that by designing and implementing a well thought out infrastructure, one that is product neutral, as well as one that is capable of being readily upgraded, your connected home can easily maintain pace with advances in technology.

To achieve this, we have set out a very clear methodology designed to avoid the most common pitfalls surrounding the integration of the connected home. This way we can ensure that your smart home is designed, installed and programmed by experienced professionals who can not only program the connected products, but can ensure all of the smart devises integrate seamlessly, as well as maintain the main objective that the finished product meets your personal needs, aesthetic considerations and environmental requirements.